October 09, 2015 - July 09, 2016



Initiated by Behzad Khorram, Tehran Facades project has sought to engage with representation of prominent urban facades of the city of Tehran during its 1st phase. The project was showcased during the 1st Tehran Architecture Biennale and has been further developed at Tehran Urban Innovation Center [TUIC].

Developed in collaboration with Sargarmidan Game Development Studio, Utopia is an offspring of Tehran Facades project and aims to enhance public awareness and sociocultural capital about the architectural capacities of the urban.

Utopia is a platform to document the prominent and distinct architectural elements of the city of Tehran. The game’s functional space has been designed as a context to display the documented spaces. The audiences are visually engaged with the documented spaces through the game and indirectly experiment the city in a new mode in which prominent architectural elements are focal actors.

The systematic mechanism of the game has been developed on the basis of the binary of presence and non-presence in specific locations. The game is created in two modes: in the 1st mode the player does not need the be physically present in specific location but gets to know the structure of the game. The 2nd mode is the dynamic one in which the player needs to be physically present in certain locations to virtually participate in the game. During this 2nd mode, spatial experience of the player is augmented using the documented buildings in the game.

Utopia is a platform as it is constantly updated and provides a basis through which each player could be aware of the status of other players. As a virtual space, the game records the buildings and uses them as a context upon which the player’s memory could be visually manipulated.

Utopia has been released for Android users on March 20th, 2016.


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