October 21, 2017

Urban Melodies

Re-Morph is a research initiative at Tehran Urban Innovation Center that aims at devising new ways of understanding the city as a dynamic, multi-layer, complex network. This is achieved by experimenting with different ways of registering the spatial condition within the contemporary city.

Each and every workshop that is designed under the umbrella concept of Re-Morph, focuses on a discrete layer of urban dynamics, trying to design, test and evaluate ways within which this layer can be qualitatively and qualitatively registered and effectively studied.  

Each and every layer is bracketed to be used as criteria of understanding how live-able is the city. Live-ability of a given city is conceptually defined in relation to liveliness of its neighborhoods.

In this round, the city is re-evaluated in terms of its auditory characteristics. The workshop is an exercise in understanding the space of the city using computer vision and audition. As a main question, the workshop aims at registering, evaluating and representing the city as an auditory landscape. The core question to be addressed here is, whether one can evaluate the level of liveliness of an urban landscape by analyzing it as an auditory phenomenon. 

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