June 14, 2016


There are different terms to describe the zone between the architectural exterior and interior: Envelope is a generic term that describes the total enclosure of a building, Skin was initially coined to continue the distinction between the cladding and structural bones of a wall. While FAÇADE retains an association with a wall as the site of an urban composition. The urban FAÇADE has been considered as a vertical plane of a composition.
The urban FAÇADE is the first property of the building confronted by observers, also plays an important role as the spatial breeding-ground for the urban identity and its citizen’s prestige. #TehranFacades project aims to revitalize urban qualities of Tehran through series of multi-layered strategies.

TehranFacades is an ongoing project that started in 2015 and in its first phase, it was dedicated to documentation and representation of noteworthy works of architecture in city of Tehran. The out come has been show cased in Tehran Biennale. In its current variation, the project will go well beyond its initial agenda. 

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