August 07, 2018 - September 07, 2018


Solaris aimed at exploring and investigating business opportunities in spatial practices through a collaborative process. Spatial practices are being considered as businesses in which space - as we know it in natural and man-made environment - is the core element in terms of value proposition. Considering Iranian’s sentimental relation with space, there seems to be a notable opportunity to boost spatial businesses in Iran. 

Design Thinking was chosen as the core method of the workshop due to its human-centered and multidisciplinary approach towards problem solving. The goal was finding viable spatial ideas, turning them into pleasant experiences for citizens of Tehran. We handpicked participants with different backgrounds and majors in order to bring diverse perspectives to the table.

The project “Magic Box” is amongst the outcomes of workshop, developed from scratch through Design Thinking process.


Check out the multimedia content via these links : 

Video I  Video II  Video III  Video IV


[Coordinator] : Nashid Nabian

[Mentors] : Saman Ahsanizadeh . Amirreza Ardakani . Mohammad Mahdi Tavakolian . Amin Jenab . Soroush Rahimian . Hossein Sepehri . Mohammad Hasan Azizi

[Students] : Mohammad Hasan Tofighi . Fatemeh Heydari . Mina Jannati Moghaddam . Erfan Alavi . Faraz Mashayekhi . Melika Mosleh . Reza Shafiei . Fatemeh Shaerzadeh . Bahareh Niazi . Mohammad Tari . Sogol Bakhtiarian



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