August 01, 2018 - September 09, 2018

Opportunistic Urbanism : Urban Garbage


Urban Garbage was the first round of an ongoing research-driven design studios called Opportunistic Urbanism. 


In the Urban Garbage Studio,  TUIC collaborated with Sam Cafe, a popular cafe chain in Tehran, and together agreed on developing a two- part waste reduction program that aligned with their recently-started CSR program. The studio explored not only how we could achieve zero waste production with Sam Cafe, but also how we could integrate and recycle any excess waste back into patterns of urban production and consumption.

The studio researchers and designers began first by redesigning the cafe’s menu, providing customers with information on each item’s associated water and energy usage. We called it an Informative Menu; one that encouraged customers to link their choices with the longer and often unseen lines of production and waste management in a bid to reduce water and energy waste.

The second part of the project developed from the discovery that most of the waste produced in the cafe consisted of Tetra Pak cartons of milk. Since there was already a plan in place to design portable packaging for take-away cups, we decided to upcycle the leftover milk cartons as material for the packaging. In the trial phase of the project, 700 Tetra Paks were transformed into take- away packages—designed and developed by the TUIC—and produced by people in a drug rehab facility supported by Toloo Bineshanha Society.


The documents representing the outcomes of the studio will be posted here by the end of April 2019.


Opportunistic Urbanism | Urban Garbage Studio 


Coordinator : Nashid Nabian

Tutors : Raha Ashrafi, Tarlan Khoylou, Mahdi Najafi

Researchers & Designers : Zahra Arman, Sheida Marahemi, Fatemeh Nejati, Razieh Tabatabaei


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