August 07, 2016 - August 07, 2016

Leftover City

In the nature we produce more waste as the nature grow, similarly cities are not static structures, they are active arenas that are developing and transforming in a natural way, consequently “The faster the CITY grows the more WASTE spaces they produce”. In modern cities rapid horizontal urbanization and leaving behind the land and detritus after economic and production regimes have ended, create waste spaces in the city core or in the suburban areas. The challenge for architects and urban designer is not to achieve a dross less city but to consider these areas and try to redesign and devise these urbanizations. We ought to change their points of view about the drosscapes and value these areas and consider them as potential spaces that are able to be transformable into permanent open landscape or infill development. In Metropolitans such as Tehran, there are bridges built in every corner to connect streets more easily each day, as they are built there are under them that are not managed and not designed, therefore they are leftovers spaces. We specified these leftover areas and try to redesign them in a way that can give life to them. 

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