September 10, 2016

Infill 3.0 : An Extreme Future for the urban context of Tehran

After growth of urbanization in Iran and the accretion of land price because of lining the lands and the passages, the overall urban face  of Tehran derived from residential or official multi-storey buildings which are appeared in a couple of historical periods. The first type which was implemented in Pahlavi's historical period, has mainly two or three stories and concentrated in central areas of Tehran. The second type which has more than four floors was built in recent decades and specially after Islamic revolution due to population growth and it has continued up to now. In this research based project the first type entitled Infill 1.0 and the second one entitled Infill 2.0. The architecture of each periods was created in a result of many time dependant factors that one of the most important was technology. In this project the goal is to determine the relationship between these factors and the architectural production in a way to conclude and imagine the next generation of the infill buildings in Tehran urban context from the technological developments specially digital developments. 

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