July 04, 2016 - July 17, 2016

Iaac Global Summer School

Cities are continuously produced through entropic processes that mediate between complex networked systems and the immediacy urban life. Emergent media technologies inform new relationships between information and matter, code and space to redefine new urban ecosystems.
The GSS16-NYC aims at investigating emerging forms of production of urban spaces reimagining the physical city through intelligent and mediated processes. Through data agency and mediated urban processes, GSS16-NYC will explore the connection between the production of expanded territories and fabrication and robotic practices. Focus will be placed on the feedback mechanism between scales, investigating the continuous loop between the micro and the macro urban scale. The city of New York will be the expanded site of exploration. Interacting, Integrating, Expanding, Networking and Hacking will be the operational categories to re-imagine future territories and urban practices. The investigations will critically reflect on the city as the shared, the common, the civic and the public enterprise.



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