January 25, 2017

I-water:calculate your water footprint

Nowadays with the improvement in science and technology and increasing rate of the world population, the water crisis has become an undeniable fact. As the human intrusive activities against natural environment have been increased, the scarcity of Earth’s fresh water resources, which once thought to be unlimited, is now a great issue, and as well as many countries, Iran is not an exception to deal with this problem. The increase in population rate, the absence of correct patterns for water consumption in domestic, agricultural and industrial fields, and drilling illegal wells and uncontrolled exploitation of water from underground resources and aquifers, have made Iran facing with a serious crisis of water.

The concept of virtual water is the amount of water that the product consumes in a production process from start to finish.

Until now, informing about water consumption in production process has only been made in order to alert producers. However, an aware consumer could have an important role in a sustainable development.

The consumer awareness of the virtual water consumed in the daily food basket, makes clear its responsibility in daily decisions.

Calculate your water footprint” is an application/concept/design that tries to inform water consumers their water usage by an application installed on consumers’ cell phone that make it possible calculating the amount of water virtually consumed in the production of each product, by identifying the product barcode or shape.



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