October 07, 2017

Cultivating Tehran

Tehran Urban Innovation Center is presenting the project Cultivating Tehran in “Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, 2017” from September 1st to November 5th.

Tehran is situated where it is because of its proper climate condition and fertile land for agriculture, which is quite rare in the hot and arid context of Iran. The growing city has erased most of the lands and gardens, though the valuable agriculture infrastructure is there.

As proposed by this project, through deployment of a three-layered urban farming system, the city can become more resilient in regards to food sources. The first layer includes the network of cultivatable patches of left-over spaces of the city. The second layer is based on a trackable network of mobile and pop-up farming units that serve as production and distribution hubs. These units can initiate urban farming in infertile, un-programmed and vacant urban lands. Providing temporary housing units for farmers and distributors is part of their possible functions. In the third layer, to make the fixed and portable urban farms operate in an interconnected network in relation to citizens, they are virtually coordinated through an application, accompanied by a social media platform.

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