June 14, 2016


Common spaces in stereotype apartments of Tehran; are the product of several confluence reasons, such as: design regulations, urgent and specific functions, or by-product of arrangements of residential units alongside corridors and next to each other. These spaces are usually left abandoned, used for storing things or unofficial activities.
Nowadays; these places are considered as second-class or valueless spaces in apartments and have low spatial qualities for communal life. Com-Cycle is a try to redifine the instrumentality of such spaces of a modern domestic apparatus of today; towards a more achievabe communal life in City of Tehran.

“Com-Cycle”, is conceived as an independent project that followed up by Dadbeh Mohebbi, one of the teammates of the “Project Mosha”, supervised by Golnar Abbasi and Arvand Abbasi Poor. As a result of a team work – by Molood Jaberi , Niloufar Emamifar , Monire Asgari , Dadbeh Mohebbi , Amir Pourmoghadam , Ramtin Taherian and Mobasher Nekooi - variations of Project Mosha have been show cased in Venice Biennale and Tehran Biennale.

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