January 01, 2018

Collaborative Urban Furniture

Golshan neighborhood, as one of the most crowded regions of Tehran’s district 4, is subject to stand at the same level as the surrounded areas in terms of prosperity, in order to achieve social justice.

The collaborative urban furniture workshop made an opportunity to enhance social interactions between the emerging architects and the residents, and also between the residents amongst themselves. As a result, the habitants got introduced to an architectural approach in fabrication of an urban furniture through participation. Above all, we remark the sense of belonging to the neighborhood, as the main achievement of this experience, followed by wide range of implications in management of the city, as well as approaching to affordability of the city’s maintenance.

Collaborative Urban Furniture Workshop | January-February 2018

Coordinator : Nashid Nabian

Tutor : Raha Ashrafi

Technical Assistant : Majid Amirebrahimi

Team : Mina Rezapour, Sheida Marahemi, Negar Hosseini, Tannaz Amiri, Raha Badiei, Elnaz Baharlou, Shahab Vafi, Mahdieh Khalafi, Marzieh Nikoui, Mirmohammad Mirhosseini, Ali Moussavi, Babak Sarabi


Check out a video on the project via this link :


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