June 14, 2016

Blue Dirt

Blue Dirt!!! | A project on district scale to improve deprived and worn-out districts through art-based technology

Blue dirt!!! Project has major purposes in one of the deprived urban fabrics of Tehran. These goals are defined by visiting and surveying the deprived districts and studying the residents’ main concerns. Unsecure city arteries especially at night, low income of inhabitants, high urban crime rates, and potential problems such as addiction, drug dealing, prostitution and etc. are some of the issues.

Defined strategies in Blue dirt!!! Project Contain:
A)    Holding technology based art events among different income deciles (high, average, low, and very low incomes) by the least physical intervention in order to create effective physical and behavioral connection.
B)    Holding out mobile instructional, technical, and advising workshops in deteriorated urban fabrics and deprived districts.
C)    Making easy and inexpensive access to technology, internet, art and culture in deteriorated urban fabrics and deprived districts.




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