July 27, 2016 - July 27, 2016

Aging in time - with time

According to statistics, Tehran Mega City has the structure of adult population. The proportion of young, adult and aged population defines this criteria and due to growth of population it is variable, which in future we will observe the increase of aging rate in the city, Thus the enhancement of city quality level in health, hygiene and family will be one of the future concerns for elderly. ”Aging in time-with time” is a solution in the direction of this project’s goals, considering the elderly in urban scale. Designing and locating special kiosks in some spots of the city where cultural and historical events have been happening from past till now, brings the opportunity of watching and hearing the aged people who has been recording videos and their individual memories. These documents will be easily accessible by visiting the kiosk located in the regions, website and receiving radio waves on cellphones connected to the internet with a specific classification of zone and time.

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