Samaneh Shahbazi

Samaneh Shahbazi was born in Tehran (Iran) and studied her bachelor of Architecture in Azad University of Qazvin-Iran. She has started her professional career at Iliad architects in 2009, then she had collaboration with Banian Memari Novin group and Rahyab Andish Tose consulting Engineers. She has moved to Italy in 2013 when she started her Master of Sustainable Architecture in the university of Politecnico di Milano and graduated with honors in 2016. During her studies, she was the winner of MI/Arch-2014 architecture festival at Politecnico di Milano and she gained the certificate of the best urban renovation in the social housing zone from failed architecture (fa), Dutch company . She has been involved in numerous research studies as well as architectural projects in Milan (September 2015-July 2016) and Iran. Currently, she is collaborating with TUIC as a senior researcher and developing a new approach to urban morphology, idea of the Re-Morph, which is coming from the Armelle Carron’s theory (Unmaps the city) and giving the cities a new landscape.

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