Paniz Maddi

In 2010 After a Bachelor Degree in Architecture Engineering, she started professional career at kamooneh Architects Group in Iran. The office had been established at 1962 in Tehran under the direction of arch.Kamooneh who had worked and studied with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin in Wisconsin and Arizona. This group was representing the continuing legacy of Organic Architecture in the Middle East along with the efforts of the other Taliesin pupils around the world and in the United States. In 2012 she started her Master of Sustainable Architecture in Multi-scale Projects at Politecnico di Milano. In 2015 She defended the thesis under the supervision of Prof. Elisa C. Catteneo .The thesis won the 3rd Prize of the “Walter Barbero” competition at Politecnico di Milano. This grant goes to the thesis which dealing with the issues that characterize the cultural and transformation processes of developing countries. 

She participated in many international competitions such as designing the urban ecological Park in Santiago di Chile. (Santiago Emergent Ecology).

Through her collaboration with Prof. Elisa Cattaneo as a Co-supervisor of Master thesis in Landscape Urbanism. She was working as teaching assistant in international workshops and Summer school. In collaboration with TUIC, she has developed the weak theory of Elisa Cattaneo to be approved in Mid-size Cities in the Iran.

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