Morteza Farhadian Dehkordi

Morteza Farhadian Dehkordi is an Iranian architect and urban designer. He earned his PhD with topic of “Consecutive recombination” under Wolf Prix and Sanford Kwinter supervision in 2015. He received Master of urban design from applied art university of Vienna. Right now, He is attending the postdoctoral program at TUIC.

His main research interest is assemblage strategies. His articles and researches are published and presented in several international platforms including IAAC smart cities symposium, ASCAAD int. conference, Intelligent computing in engineering and so on. Collaboration with Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program as instructor and attending MAK-schindler in residence scholarship are also part of his resume.

From 2010 to 2016 apart from his own practice, he worked in coop-himmelblau as associate, where he engaged in several architectural projects and researches on urban design in collaboration with Vienna city hall. Since 2015 he cofounded Rasesh urban design and architecture office with Shima Roshanzamir. The office focus is on reimagination of everyday use of space. 

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