Mohammad-Hasan Tavangar

Mohammad Hasan Tavangar, born in 1990, Tehran, is a Master student of sustainable architecture at Iran university of science and technology. Cooperating with kenaar studio, karnaco company, xema design office can be mentioned as his professional activities besides lecturing the "graphic design and architecture" seminar in kashan, organizing energy analysis instrumentations workshop at IUST and designing the "Eynak" website ordered by presidential institution. He has been working in Shift Process Practice office under supervision of Nashid Nabian and Rambod Eilkhani since 2015. His research activities has been in the fields of mobile architecture, dismantling and flexible architecture and social interaction in biological spaces. His interests are environmental and social sustainability, designing for the poor, employing new technologies in micro and macro scaled designing and design with material reuse. Photography and graphic design are his hobbies. You can reach him on LinkedIn at:



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