Mahdi Shadkar

Graduated from Paris Val de Seine [National Superior] School of Architecture in 2013, he is elaborating [recently] the idea of Ephemeral Design.
 With [transdisciplinary] reflections in master of architecture, his studies has been focused on [interdisciplinary] art, architecture and culture. Furthermore, it has allowed him to build his master's research thesis, [entitled The rise and fall of the ideology in Iranian contemporary art] presented in 2012, supervised by Martine Bouchier, [artist and aesthetician] in the theme of art by the Iranian revolution in the public space and the disappearance of the ideology in contemporary art of today. His final project of studies (PFE), was entitled as “A Hill of Arts on a Major Highway Axis of Tehran Metropolis.”
 Editor in Chief of bilingual [Persian, English] magazine ĀNJĀ, Shadkar is seeking to communicate [ArTchi] by means of text-based printed revue, around the subject of interdisciplinary design in contemporary public space. ĀNJĀ [a Persian term] means ‘There’, ‘Over-There’ in English, ‘Là-Bas’ in French.
 Founder of Tehran based [Studio] Oblique Cube, studio, focused on design works in ArTchi [intersection of art and archi], Shadkar is pursuing the action-research principles by practice.

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