Farnaz Jafari

FarnazJafari, born in 1992, is an architect, pursuing her Master’s degree in architectural engineering (sustainable architecture) at Iran University of Science and Technology. Her research interest includes refurbishment design, zero-energy architecture, parametric design environmental psychology and settlement quality/criteria. Her prior research activities cover  biophilic cities, children urban playground spaces and reviewing environmental conditions and designing shaders as a result. Participating in architectural contests such as designing Martyrs Tomb located in Science and Research branch of Islamic Azad University, designing Refah Bank building facade and designing IPMI company building facade besides cooperating with UIA branch of Iran and Fayazi and partners design studio are included in her professional experiences. She has been teaching Villa Design as a teaching assistant at Iran University of Science and Technology since 2016. She is currently working on Blue Dirt Project for Tehran urban innovation center. You can reach her at



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