Amir Hossein Taheri

Amirhossein Taheri, born in 1975 in Tehran, got his Master of Architecture degree from Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch. He started his professional work during his post secondary studies through building Morshedzadeh house (1999). He is ranked at the first in Memar Award, Emamieh of Mashhad Competition, and Safaeieh Yazd, and ranked at the second in Gozar Sarv Competition, and the third at the Architectural Art.
He has published a number of articles in different magazines and websites, such as Memar, Architects Role, D Magazine, The Iranian Architects, Etoood website, etc. In addition to his teaching experiences in Bandar-Abbas and Central Tehran branches of Islamic Azad University, he held a workshop on “Tehran and its autopsy [intellectual dissection].”


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