Amir Fallahi

Amir Fallahi, born in 1991, is a student of architecture in masters degree at Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran,  Iran. His professional experiences includes collaborating with Xema architecture office and Horno company. His research activities can be mentioned as presenting an article titled as "Geometry role in Dome architecture" in Islamic-Iranian architecture and urban design national conference. he has also been an educational consultor in Iran architecture center.He currently works at Shift Process Practice, with Nashid Nabian and Rambod Eilkhani. His research is focused on creation of urban spaces through combining multiplicity of spatial pockets with defined functions. Currently he tries to apply such approach in providing a new model for integration of national and international tourism in to practice of every-day life of denizens of cities with high potential in tourism industry to become tourist destinations with meaningful number and frequency of touristic visits.


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